Update: Alienware Mobile Connect for Windows 10 (iPhone & Android)

Oren Inditzky and Ernie discuss the Alienware Mobile Connect update. Get the latest software for Windows 10 at the Microsoft Store. For your phone, get the …

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30 thoughts on “Update: Alienware Mobile Connect for Windows 10 (iPhone & Android)

  1. it just doesn't work for me. have a constant bluetooth conflict with my iphone 11. have spent hours of reinstalling and reconnecting.

    does someone have the same problem?

  2. I have a Problem Alienware M15, Alienware Mobile Connect : this app is not compatible with this device, before I Format it was Running properly, what should I do ? Redeem Code !

  3. I can be wrong, but isn't vr is supposed to disconnect you from reality and connect you to a fantasy? not Connect you to your fantasy and also keep you distracted from it? 🙂

  4. When will orders for Area51m start shipping the USA? I placed my order on Jan 10th and the order still has not shipped. Upon talking with a dell representative they advised me to reorder it again due to power cord issue? Can you please confirm and let us know when it will start going out?

  5. That is really cool, especially the vr integration, but please please benchmark (not synthetic) the alienware area 51m cheapest version instead of the powerhouse money shredder.

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