Chaos Rings 3 Cheat Without Root Android


Modded save file
99,999 Ohz coins
9,999,999 Mil
9,999,999 GP
999 days VIP
99 Gold keys
99 Continue gem

*The main character’s name is Hero and your team name is NGA_HaX. You will start at the space port ready for your first mission.

Save file:

Use file mananger to extract the file
1. Download data002.bin and sys.bin
2. Move it to…

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18 thoughts on “Chaos Rings 3 Cheat Without Root Android

  1. Hey, Elucidator X13. Is there any way to hex edit the EXP from battles? Like 1 fight = Lv. 100? I have tried and tried to hex edit EXP but nothing works. I have tried Game Killer and GGuardian.

  2. I'm trying to mod my save with hex editor but I can't find any tutorials or something anywhere. And I've been searching high and low for days now… How did you do it? Could you please give me some advice?

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