15 Android Oreo 8.1 Tips & Tricks for Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android One

Try these best tips and tricks for new Nokia 6.1 2018 edition powered by Android One. These tips will make you nokia device more helpful for daily use. These tips will work on all Nokia stock android device.

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24 thoughts on “15 Android Oreo 8.1 Tips & Tricks for Nokia 6.1 (2018) Android One

  1. sir, only you can solve my confusion. I am going to buy a phone. I am confused b/w redmi y2, oppo real me 1 and nokia 6.1 2018. Which one should i go for? One more thing i am getting nokia phone for 10500/- should i buy or not?
    your opinion plz

  2. Please tell me how to turn off slide into screen notification like when i am with someone and i get a message and it shows up on screen but when i turn off any settings then whoke notifications Don't show up. And yes some apps support importance of notifications and we can change them but give me a hack to control all. Thank you

  3. Hello I have a question-
    On 13th may on flipkart sale is going to be there. They have said pixel 2 will be sold for 35k and pixel 2 xl will be priced slightly higher (hopefully).
    So if we get pixel 2 xl under price of 43k, is it worth upgrading from pixel XL?
    and if no upgrading is there so is it still an excellent deal on pixel 2/ 2xl?

  4. Good video, more like this please. I am considering buying Nokia 6.1, but reviews don't show much features. I don't understand how everyone is just repeating all that basic stuff over and over again and don't talk about call quality, GPS and so on. Then is very hard to choose a new phone. Currently still using Lumia 650 dual sim. Double tap to wake and glance is something I personally need as I don't like much using power button. I don't understand those new phones without rgb notification diodes and glance function.

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