10 Android Apps Actually Worth Paying For

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Android phones tend to get slow over time and a lot of that has to do with the kind of apps you install and the kind of permissions those apps have. With bouncer, you get to decide at the time of installation of the app whether you want to allow certain permissions, and if you do, then do you want to disable it when you exit the app. It’s a great way to keep control…

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16 thoughts on “10 Android Apps Actually Worth Paying For

  1. Bouncer seems very useful and I think I'll install it. My phone is very old and I'm probably going to switch to a new one soon so thank you for the suggestion!

  2. I have paid for all of the apps except mubert and blinkist cos I don't read books.
    As for Nord vpn I wouldn't suggest using it as it had been hacked in the recent past and we're very shady on disclosing about it. Would suggest using VPN's like windscribe , who although are based in Canada but have a strict no log policy. Also windscribe has Robert which is awesome.
    For the pro users out there, mullavad vpn and air vpn are some I would like to recommend. They aren't for new users bit definately worth for the expert users.
    Bouncer is so worth it just get it. Anyone should have it, it's a great app.
    Google one is great too…. It's worth paying that money monthly if you really are dependent on g-drive and organise it.
    Also as for Nova launcher, me being a custom freak no launcher comes close to what it offers. Just the best launcher out there for me.
    Personally I wouldn't suggest using an anti virus for your phone or even for your pc (take this with a pinch, I am no cyber crime expert) I do think they slow down the system whatever they are in. Although I do think something like Malwarebytes is worth it for windows and Mac. A good digital habit can save you from not using the likes bitdefender and such.
    Also those who want to try todoist, don't the app for me has been horrible and just isn't worth the price for me.
    For me personally I use tick tick, have been using it since 3 years now. And so worth it. The free version of tick tick is good enough for 90% of people out there. But the pro is worth it to for people like me who forget stuff without tick tick. I say try it. Tick tick is the best in my opinion.
    Also another service I can think of worth paying for is youtube premium. Now yes, the background play can be achieved by youtube vanced and newpipe.
    But paying 120₹ (which is I don't know I guess we spend that much money while eating junk food outside in while month) so rather putting it here supports the content creators and also I personally like to stream youtube music more than spotify because of its better recommendation algorithm.
    Hence I feel that 120₹ is worth.
    Also some other apps worth paying for are which you use daily (apps except like social media or tinder) buy the premium version of the apps, it helps out the devloper of the app you are using and gives him/her more reason to code a better app.

    P.s these are just my thoughts, and from what I have seen. Don't wanna judge moniscrubs decision here 😉

    Also a great video as usual keep up the great work.

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